Tweeting for Change

Many are afraid to say what they are really feeling – that’s only if directly towards someone. In our virtual life, we rant and rave, comment and critique, because we like to believe the ‘anonymity’ of the internet can hide who we are. We all have been the recipient and the producer of online criticism and we continue to use social media to facilitate our thoughts for a simple reason.

It works.

Complaining for change on the internet is much easier to do than going to your local newspaper or to the company directly while still yielding the same results and is as instant as a tweet.

As “The Future Buzz” blogger Adam Singer suggest, if you want a quick way of creating change, get people angry. Consumers have embraced this and now companies have to follow suit and answer the call. Microsoft’s Xbox Support Team is one example of a company who embraced the social interactions of their consumers. The support team recognized the need for change after countless angry and often vulgar tweets came their way. By responding to these tweets individually, they were able to solve problems their consumers were experiencing, reduce the cost of running a support team and ultimately keep their customers satisfied.

In my own experience as a producer for my university’s newscast, I have seen the power of comments. One viewer wanted to see change so like Singer’s blog suggest, the viewer pissed us off through commenting multiple times on our Youtube video for all to see. While it would of been easy to ignore the comments, we did the opposite and held a meeting to address the critiques that had merit and how we can improve.

Social media has given everyone not only a voice, but a soapbox to express themselves freely. Dealing with criticism through new media, you are able to stay in control of your product and company’s image while hopefully building relationships with your consumers that will pay off in the long run.


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